On being under 31

Tomorrow is my birthday, and despite the universe’s best efforts I have managed to survive the first year of my thirties. I realize that I’ve missed out on my chance to be on any of those “30 under 30” lists, but I still have a good 12 hours to make it onto the even more […]

On looking back and looking forward

do u think ur 16 y/o self would be impressed with u — devnerys targaryen (@bummermaid) March 30, 2017 This got retweeted into my timeline the other day and, not surprisingly, it made me have Feels. What would 16-year-old me think about me now? 16-year-old me was kind of an asshole punk kid, if you couldn’t tell […]

On burnout

Or, as alternately titled by my girlfriend: Effective note keeping is the core of professional responsibility, an essay by Katherine, aged three days older than previous Katherine, who was terrible. Previous Katherine, who is generously described as being terrible, had an idea for a blog post. It was going to be a semi-scathing commentary on… […]

On superhero boots

This past week, I was lucky enough to get to speak at The Lead Developer in New York. It was an amazing event, and I got some really lovely feedback on the talk I gave on organizational growth, but I noticed that I got even more feedback on the boots I wore onstage. Can we […]

On 2017 Goals

Last January, I set some goals for myself for 2016. How did I end up doing on those? Saying no to things: I said no to so many things last year! It was great! Okay, it wasn’t as easy as just tableflipping and being done with it, and there were a fair amount of feels involved […]

On Wordsmithing

As someone who does a fair amount of writing, I often get questions about my writing process. Writing is an important skill to have in a variety of professional contexts, and while there certainly are differences between writing an email to your boss, writing a blog post, and writing a book, there are also common skills […]

On getting stronger

So remember how I said that I hate gyms? It turns out that may not have been entirely accurate. Back in March I started seeing a personal trainer at Pongo Power in Brooklyn, which has been an amazing experience. I picked Pongo at the recommendations of a few coworkers, and it has been a far […]

On being thankful at work

Yesterday I got home, at the end of a very long and full week, to find a couple of my coworkers saying very nice things about me on the internets. After the requisite moment of having Just All The Feels 💖, I stopped to ask myself: Why would people be thankful to work with me? […]

On Giving and Receiving Feedback

A few times a year, I like to read John Allspaw’s post On Being a Senior Engineer. If you haven’t read it yet (or recently), go do that. I’ll wait. I keep coming back to this post not only because I find it helpful to share with other people, such as in the course of […]

On quitting things

(Obligatory note: No, this isn’t a post where I quit my job or the tech industry.) A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to attend AndConf, an intersectional feminist code retreat and unconference in a delightful redwood forest in California. Aside from being overall an amazing event in terms of creating an atmosphere […]